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About the Artist

Art, at least for me, started as a form of communication…mixed with expressions & empathy…. It was always a very personal thing for me. I felt I could get my message across better through pictures rather than words. (Even writing out this bio was hard for me because I would much rather draw you a picture to explain myself HA! ) 

As a child art was the only way I could feel seen. It was the best way for me to show Sentiment to the people I care about. Personally, when I am given a form of art by someone, I feel very honored that somebody spent so much of their time and energy to make something just for me. And since I love that, I wanna give that love to!

But as time went on, i got to a point where I did not want to see my art JUST hung on the wall, because it can only be appreciated for so long and by a very selected few. I wanna to share my work. I want to make people think, question, wonder. Whenever you view a form of art, your current perspective isn’t the conclusion. 

Art is infinite! The way you view this particular form of art is not the same way you would have perceived it as a child, and you will also see it different as you get older. Isn’t that Fascinating?! Think about it. Stop reading this and turn Towards a form I round of you of art right now. Depending on your true emotions… how do you view this piece right now? And when you are in a better or worse mood how would you view it now?…. What about when you were a child still trying to understand what’s going on around you. How would you view it then? Art is all-around us, and it affects us so much and we don’t even know how to acknowledge it

I feel like art is taken for granted nowadays… We forget that everything around us has been designed, created and made because of art. The chair you’re sitting on, the wall in front of you, The Electronic device you’re reading this from has been designed by, not just one, but multiple artists!

I feel like when you’re an artist, And choose to embrace it you’re given a gift to share … Sadly some people choose to not see it as a gift, but a waste of time. Well, I can assure you that if take a step back and give yourself the mental and emotional space, you will be amazed on what you’re able to create.

Art is a form of connection and communication. It’s meant to be shared and given to be appreciated by multiple! And when it comes to body modification, I feel like it’s a tool on how we can really express ourselves when we do not have the words to explain. I think what makes us special is very few can truly understand exactly how we wanna be seen, I like to think quality is better than quantity… and same goes for tattoos 😉

Over the years, I’ve come to learn that, even though I create something that I think is beautiful and complicated, others may see it as chaotic,  messy or maybe it’s not their thing! I really love hearing people’s opinions on my work and giving me their point of view. This helps me understand how the other persons mind works and how they view life; If you’re a client, I’m able to connect and understand you better to create something that will be meaningful to the both of us.

As a tattoo artist, I feel it’s important to be able to communicate and connect, not only with your clients but with yourself too. I prioritize this with every art project I work on, personal or not, how can I make this piece say what it needs to say without words?

If you see my work, like my art language and I’m given the freedom to be creative with your ideas, I can assure you every dot will be done with love and compassion x

It will always be my pleasure to poke you x

With all my love from,

Monica Monique x

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